Kubota M108SDSC Winnipeg, Lawson Sales

Specification Detail
Model Name M108SDSC
Make Kubota
Model V3800-DI-TI-CRS, with EGR
Type Diesel
EPA Rating Tier III
Cooling Liquid
Number of cycles 4
Aspiration Turbo with intercooler
Cylinders 4
Bore and stroke 3.94 x 4.72 in. (100 x 120 mm)
Displacement 230 cu. in. (3769 cc)
Valve 4 valves per cylinder
Engine net @ rpm 108.0 HP (80.6 kW) @ 2600 RPM
PTO @ rpm 96.0 HP (71.6 kW) @ 2600 RPM
Maximum torque 270.2 ft. lbs. (366.4 N-m) @ 1400 to 1600 RPM
Injection type Common Rail Fuel Injection System
Fuel shutoff Electric key stop
Lubrication Forced lubrication
Cooling system Liquid cooled w/pressurized radiator
Radiator fan Standard mechanical cooling fan
Cold weather start aid Automatic preheat intake heater
Exhaust/muffler Under-hood, corner-post exhaust pipe
Throttle location (s) Hand & foot throttle
Air filter Double element
Oil filter Spin on type
Cooling System
Type Liquid cooled w/pressurized radiator
Water pump type Positive water pump
Air flow type Radial, front to rear
Radiator fan Standard mechanical cooling fan
Radiator screens Standard
Fuel System
Fuel type Diesel
Fuel / water separator Standard
Fuel filter Replaceable cartridge
Fuel drain Yes
Fluid Capacities
Fuel tank capacity 46.0 gal (175.0 l)
Cooling system capacity (9.6 l)
Engine lubricant oil capacity (10.7 l)
Transmission oil capacity 15.85 gal (60.0 l)
Front axle housing (7.0 l)
Front axle gear case (3.5 l)
Brake system capacity (0.3 l)
Washer fluid 0.34 gal (1.3 l)
Chassis, Axle and Brakes
Steering type Hydrostatic power steering
Front axle type Bevel gear type, 4WD
Differential lock – Front axle Standard, mechanical engagement
Differential lock – Rear axle Standard, mechanical engagement
Final drive Inboard planetary
Brake type Hydraulically operated wet disc brakes
Parking brake Standard, lever is located beside operator’s seat
Drive Train/Transmission
Transmission type Swing Shift Plus
Number of speeds
Standard 32 forward x 32 reverse
Optional 48F/48R with creep
Number of ranges 2-ranges plus Hi/Lo Dual Speed
Creep speed Optional, 48F/48R
Shuttle Hydraulic shuttle
Main shift lever 8 speeds fully synchronized with swing shift
Clutch Multiple wet disc
Traveling Speeds (With standard tires)
Maximum traveling speed
Forward 23.16 mph (37.26 km/h)
Reverse 23.35 mph (37.58 km/h)
Creep speed
Forward 0.19 to 1.10 mph (0.31 to 1.77 km/h)
Reverse 0.19 to 1.11 mph (0.31 to 1.79 km/h)
Low range
Forward 1.08 to 6.15 mph (1.73 to 9.90 km/h)
Reverse 1.08 to 6.21 mph (1.75 to 9.99 km/h)
High range
Forward 3.76 to 23.16 mph (6.05 to 37.26 km/h)
Reverse 3.79 to 23.35 mph (6.10 to 37.58 km/h)
Power Take Off (PTO)
PTO system Hydraulic independent PTO with PTO brake, wet discs
Rear PTO 540 RPM Standard, 1000 RPM Option
Rear PTO speed 540 @ 2205 rpm / 1000 @ 2210 rpm
PTO clutch Multiple wet disc
PTO shield Flip up type
Hydraulic System
Type Open center
Implement pump 17.2 gpm (65.0 l/min)
Power steering pump 12.6 gpm (47.8 l/min)
Total hydraulic flow 29.8 gpm (112.8 l/min)
Rear remote valves 2 standard, 1 optional
3-Point hitch Category II
Position control Position control
Draft control Top link sensing
Lift capacity
At lift points 5510 lbs. (2500 kg)
At lift points (optional) 8600 lbs. (3900 kg)
24″ behind lift point 4630 lbs. (2100 kg)
24″ behind lift point (optional) 7490 lbs. (3400 kg) w/2 assist cylinders
Lifting rod adjustment Right side adjustable
Floating rod Yes, both side
Lower link ends Telescopic
Stabilizers Telescopic
Top link Standard
Type Standard, adjustable, swing type
Positions 2 positions – 14″ for 540 PTO RPM & 16″ for 1000 PTO RPM
Alternator 80 amp
Battery voltage x capacity 12 volt, 900 CCA
Block heater Optional, CSA approved
Engine shut-off Electric key stop
Gauges Engine tachometer, temperature and fuel level
Indicator lights 12 indicator lights
Instrument panel PTO RPM & travel speed monitor
Lights 2 head lights, 2 corner lights, 2 front working lights, 2 rear working lights, 2 tail lights, 4 safety flashers, dome light
Horn Standard
Overall height
Top of cab 106.0 in. (2690 mm)
Overall length 163.0 in. (4145 mm)
Overall width 91.0 in. (2315 mm)
Tread width
Front 62.2 to 66.1 in. (1580 to 1680 mm)
Rear 68.1 to 80.1 in. (1730 to 2035 mm)
Wheelbase 95.9 in. (2435 mm)
Drawbar clearance 17.1 in. (435 mm)
Turning radius
Without brake 15.4 ft. (4.7 m)
Power unit 8576 lbs. (3890 kg)
Front 13.6-24 R1
Rear 18.4-34 R1
Safety Equipment
Safety switches Standard
Operator’s presence control (OPC) Standard
Engine shut-off Electric key stop
Seat belts Standard, retractable
Brakes Hydraulically operated wet disc brakes
Parking brakes Standard, lever is located beside operator’s seat
Grab handles for entry / exit Standard
Lights 2 head lights, 2 corner lights, 2 front working lights, 2 rear working lights, 2 tail lights, 4 safety flashers, dome light
Flashers 4 four-way flashers with turn signals
Paint Orange
SMV Standard
CAB Features
ROPS Certified Yes
Cab mount to frame ISO-mounted flat deck
Pedals Hanging pedals
Tilt steering wheel Yes, 7 positions
Seat type Air ride seat, reclining, full adjustment (height, weight, fore & aft), arm rests
Seat back tilt Yes
Heater – BTU 14,672 BTU (4.30 kW)
Air conditioning – BTU 13,478 BTU (3.95 kW)
Re-circulation and fresh air Yes
Radio Optional
Left Standard
Right Standard
Beverage holder Standard
Sun visor, tinted glass Standard
Front Standard
Rear Standard
Windshield washer(s) Front & rear
Electric outlet interior 12 volt, 3-pin, 30 amp.
Electric outlet trailer 7-pin coupler
Horn Standard
Rear window Standard
Quarter window Standard
Manuals English Operator’s Manual
Non commercial use 24 months or 2000 hours
Commercial use 24 months or 2000 hours
Extended powertrain 36 months or 2000 hours
Powertrain purchasable 60 months or 5000 hours, with deductible per repair